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After the failure of the German Schlieffen Plan during the opening phase of World War One both the Allied and Central powers settled down to what has become known as trench warfare; each side occupying a line of trenches running from the Swiss border to the North Sea coast. There were attempts to break each others line of defenses but they were extremely costly in terms of man power. A new weapon, given the name of 'tank' to hide it's true nature, was required to break this stalemate.

The British Mk I Tank was first used when forty-nine tanks went into action at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette on 15 September 1916 during the Somme Offensive. The ground was unsuitable for tanks and few made it to the German trenches. Despite this is it can be argued that the tanks achieved considerable success given the concept of armored fighting vehicles was in its infancy.

The Mk I Tank was developed from 'Big Willie', an experimental tracked vehicle built in 1915 that used rhomboidal tracks that allowed it to climb embankments.

The interior of the Mk I Tank was rather unpleasant. The crew of 8 shared the hull with the engine, which gave of noxious exhaust fumes and made a significant amount of noise rendering communications difficult. The Male version of the tank carried two 6 pdr quick firing guns mounted in sponsons on either side of the hull.

Steering the tank was difficult, being achieved by altering the speed of one or other of the tracks using levers. A huge wheeled trailer was towed behind to help with steering - each of the wheels could be braked independently to induce the tank to move in that direction.

The Airfix kit is of a Mk I Tank but offers some potential as a Mk II or Mk III, as they differed from the Mk I in only detail.

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