Bismarck 1:600


Bismarck was a state of the art German battle ship launched in February 1939. Her maiden voyage was into the Atlantic during May 1941accompanied by the battle-cruiser Prinz Eugen on a raid known as Operation Rheinübung.

During the raid Bismarck encountered HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales sent to stop her. During the ensuing battle Bismarck sank HMS Hood and badly crippled HMS Prince of Wales, but suffered damage herself. Prinz Eugen was left to continue the raid in isolation whilst Bismarck headed for the French port of Brest for repairs.

The Royal Navy dispatched several capital ships to pursue Bismarck, including the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. Aircraft from Ark Royal managed to disable Bismarck's rudder enabling other Royal Navy ships to catch up and sink Bismarck on 27th May 1941.

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