Consolidated PBY 5A Catalina 1:72


The Catalina entered service in 1939. It was used extensively in the Pacific by the American Navy and saw service in the Atlantic with the Royal Air Force and the American forces. It was a Catalina from 209 Squadron that spotted the Bismark after it had evaded allied vessels after sinking HMS Hood. The Catalina was responsible for sinking almost 200 U-Boats in the Atlantic.

The PBY designation was used to indicate the type of aircraft:'PB', meaning Patrol Bomber and the manufacturer; 'Y' indicating it was manufactured by Consolidated Aircraft. The name 'Catalina' was used by the British in accordance with their practice of naming aircraft. To the United States Army Air Force they were simply known as '0A-10'.

The US Navy used Catalinas for night operations and painted them black. They became known as 'Black Cats'.

Due to a shortage of good landing fields in the Pacific flying boats had a distinct advantage over other land based aircraft. This ability to land on water enabled them to operate in the air/sea search and rescue role, one in which they excelled, saving the lives of thousands of allied aircrew that had landed in the water.

The PBY 5A was in service between October 1941 and January 1945. It was the first amphibious version and incorporated hydraulically actuated, retractable tricycle landing gear. The PBY 5A introduced a tail gun position, the bow single gun position was replaced with an "eyeball" turret equipped with twin .30in machine guns, the armor was improved and self-sealing fuel tanks were used.

The Airfix kit comes with decals for two schemes: an all white Coastal Command aircraft and an all-black USN aircraft from the Pacific war.

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