15mm World War 2 German Tiger I Tank - 4 Vehicles


The German Panzer VI Tiger I was built in response to the Russian T34 and KV1 tanks that could outperform the existing Panzer III and IV tanks. The Tiger served from 1942 to the end of the Second World War in Russia, Northern Europe, Italy and North Africa.

Panzer VI Tiger tanks were normally assigned to specialized Heavy Tank Battalions. These elite heavy tank units were assigned to higher level units as required.

In 1942 a German Heavy Tank Battalion consisted of a mix of Pz VI's and Pz III's to give the unit some flexibility; the Pz VI's would form the spearhead of an attack whilst the Pz III's would guard the flanks for instance.

A Tiger Company consisted of four platoons and a headquarters unit. Each platoon had two Tiger's and two Pz III's. The headquarters unit had one Tiger and two Pz III's.

In 1943, after experiments aimed at incorporating Tiger's into the Panzer Divisions had failed, the Tiger Battalion was re-organized with just Tiger I's and no Pz III's.

The 1943 Tiger Company consisted a headquarters unit with two Tigers and three platoons, each having four Tigers.

Altogether there were eleven Army Heavy Tank Battalions, numbered 501 to 510 plus teh Heavy battalion permanently assigned to GroƟdeutschland division. There were also three SS Heavy Tank Battalions numbered 101 to 103. Towards the end of the war several ad-hoc heavy tank formations were thrown together.

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